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A box containing 30 to 60 polaroid photos uploaded from your Facebook or Instagram profile, from your phone or computer gallery.

From 18.99 USD
+0.2 USD Per photo & free delivery


Polaroid photo box

From 18.99 USD
+0.2 USD Per photo & free delivery

YoloBox is a special box for storing your polaroids. It can contain from 30 to 60 photos that you can upload from your Facebook or Instagram profile, or from your computer or phone gallery! Save all your special memories from a day spent in nature, your engagement party or an unforgettable weekend in Paris in a personalized YoloBox, so you’ll always have a safe place to store them. This way you can keep and carry all your precious memories with you!


10 x 12.7 cm


Fuji Printer


Fuji glossy paper


7-12 days

Additional information

We offer two different box designs that you can choose from depending on the occasion.

The resolution of the images you send naturally affects the print quality. In order to ensure the quality of print, we recommend uploading high-quality, high-resolution photos.

The photos will be printed in the order they were originally selected. To make sure everything is just how you want it to be, double check the PREVIEW option before finalizing your order. You can rearrange the order if needed.

Please check the picture borders as well to make sure our system doesn’t crop out anything important from your photos.



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It’s 14.99 USD. You can pay with your card, while the delivery is free of charge.

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The delivery time is from 7 to 12 working days.

We deliver the products free of charge.

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